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Luggage storage in Los Angeles


Luggage Storage Venice

Area Venice

On Venice Blvd
0,3 miles from Venice Canals

Fully booked

Luggage Storage West Hollywood

(Average rating)
Area West Hollywood

On Santa Monica Boulevard
325 feet from La Cienega / Santa Monica Bus Stop

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Little Tokyo

Area Little Tokio

In the Little Tokyo neighborhood
290 ft from Japanese American National Museum

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Arts District

Area Little Tokio

0,2 miles from Little Tokyo
0,5 miles from Union Station

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Downtown West Los Angeles

Area Downtown West

0.4 miles from Westlake / MacArthur Park Station
0.4 miles from MacArthur Park

Fully booked

Luggage storage Sunset Blvd

Area Sunset Blvd

0.3 miles from Hollywood Boulevard
0.3 Miles from the Hollywood Museum

Fully booked

Luggage storage Koreatown

Area Koreatown

In the District of Koreatown
0,4 miles from The Wiltern

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Vermont station

Area Los Feliz

0,3 miles from Vista Theatre
0,4 miles from Vermont - Sunset Station

Fully booked

Luggage storage City College

Area East Hollywood

0,1 miles from Cupcake Theatre
0,2 miles from LA City College

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Los Feliz

Area Los Feliz

0,4 miles from Vermont / Sunset Station
130 ft from Los Feliz Theatre

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Olympic Blvd

Area Koreatown

In KoreaTown neighborhood
0.4 miles from Rosenheim Mansion

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Jefferson

Open 24/7
Area Jefferson

On Jefferson Boulevard
0,4 miles from Leslie N Shaw Park

Fully booked

Luggage Storage Pershing Square

Area Downtown

In the Downtown
340 feet from Pershing Square Station

Fully booked
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Open 24/7

Fully booked
Open 24/7

Safe and guaranteed

All locations are safe and guaranteed and all luggage left through the platform is covered by the Radical Storage warranty.

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Luggage Storage in Los Angeles

Are you looking for luggage storage in Los Angeles? Well, the City of Angels has plenty of solutions, but a few of them are really comfortable and secure. Let's discover together why you should store your bags with Radical Storage.
Flying to Los Angeles is a pretty long haul for most people unless you already live on America's west coast. Whether it be for business or pleasure, chances are you are going to arrive loaded with luggage and a head full of the top destinations you want to see in the city of Los Angeles.
Think palm trees, lazy beaches, and movie stars. But where can you store your luggage in Los Angeles so you can be free to dip your toes in the Pacific and explore this city of Angels? If you are on a layover and want to do some sightseeing or on business and have no time to check into your hotel before attending a meeting, you may be interested to know about a handy luggage storage solution in many locations around Los Angeles.

Leave your luggage in Los Angeles with Radical Storage

If you have planned your trip down to the last detail, then it will be easy for you to pre-book your luggage storage online at one of the many Angels in Los Angeles that are waiting to store your bags for you.
If you are a more casual traveler and you like to be spontaneous, that is not a problem. You can find the closest Radical luggage storage Angel on the handy app and book luggage storage on the go.
Some of our Angels are open 24 hours and are close to metro stations, monuments and popular attractions. Below you'll find a couple of good points:

Why choose Radical Storage to book your luggage storage in Los Angeles

Radical will take care of all your luggage storage needs at conveniently placed storage locations in Los Angeles.
We provide more than just luggage lockers in Los Angeles. Our partners, called Angels, are real people, rather than automated machines, who offer storage at their local, conveniently positioned businesses.
From the Radical Angels, you'll receive guaranteed, secure storage for your bags, with many of these facilities available 24/7.
We have a very competitive price: only $6 per day and bag with no extra charges. What does that mean? You won't pay any additional fees whether your luggage is a little wider or heavier than usual, whether you leave your bags for a few hours or all day.
Radical Storage is special and different from other Lax luggage storage. Ordinary storage and lockers have an hourly rate. This solution might be expensive if you have a lot of time before leaving the city.
The daily rate, on the other hand, allows you to go wherever you want without thinking that time has a cost!

How it works

Once you deposit your bags, you won't have to worry about anything else! Our partner will place your suitcase in a safe and constantly monitored location. Moreover, thanks to the QR code system, your luggage will be recognizable in a few seconds.
Some of our Los Angeles luggage storage facilities place a security seal on your luggage, while others store it in a secure area of the premises.
Besides, every item stored is covered by a security guarantee. As you can see, with Radical Storage, you will have maximum comfort and total security.
Before leaving your luggage, we suggest you check if the opening hours of the chosen storage point fit your needs. Remember that the schedules are flexible, and you can change them at any time via the app or by contacting our customer support.
Remember that most of our partners are well connected with Los Angeles Union Station and Los Angeles Airport.

Things to do in Los Angeles

You could spend the day at Venice Beach listening to street musicians and enjoying the funky vibe on the boardwalk at the Pacific Ocean.
Or you may spend the day at the beach in Santa Monica before heading off to the trendy shops full of high-end fashion in West Hollywood.

For movies fans

Store your shopping at our points in Hollywood, then enjoy a wander around an art exhibition, sip champagne and rub shoulders with celebrities. We're sure you'll meet your favorite actors (or at least one of them!).
You probably would visit Hollywood’s Walk of Fame or take in a movie at the historic Chinese Theatre movie palace!

For NBA and art fanatics

If you are a Lakers fan, then you will definitely want to see a game at The Staples Centre - also home to the NBA.
In downtown la, you will find several places of cultural interest such as Chinatown, the Japanese American National Museum.
The Arts District, just east of Little Tokyo, must not be missed! It was an industrial area reinvented as a hotbed for everything creative – from street art to street food. Don't miss Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Amazing experiences

Talking of food, a trip to Los Angeles would not be complete without a visit to one of the fabulous restaurants, especially if you can be sure to see a celebrity while you are dining.
Check out the restaurant at Chateau Marmont, just off Sunset Boulevard, a favorite with rock stars, or The Polo Lounge in the Beverly Hills hotel – a famous meeting place for actors and their agents.
Do you know Rodeo Drive? You shouldn't miss this famous street! It's one of the most exclusive luxury places globally, and it's considered an unparalleled hub at the intersection of fashion and entertainment.