Radical Storage Affiliate Programme

Radical Storage Affiliate Programme

Connect your business to the world's luggage storage network booking platform. Promote our product through your channels, earn commission for each booking or offer special deals to your customers.

+70 Countries
+350 Our cities
Our cities
+3500 Angels
+2M Bag(s)
Let’s grow together
Let’s grow together
Huge potential volumes Deals for your customers and extra volumes for you. Hundreds of affiliates already benefit from working with us and see their revenue increase.
Flexible integration
Flexible integration We offer flexible solutions to fit your brand and website. Choose how to promote our product, show your location worldwide or on a local level, it’s all up to you.
Smart platform
Smart platform Track your bookings, commissions and payouts. Manage invoices. Download marketing materials or generate links you can use to promote the product.